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About Marva Goldsmith Marva walks the talk when it comes to personal branding and professional image.  She has become a successful entrepreneur by applying the rules of branding to her own career journey and uses this knowledge to assist individuals and entrepreneurs.   An electrical engineer, Marva began her career at a Detroit-based utility company.  Her diverse experience spanned 20 years, including a four year stint at the company’s Washington D.C. office as a registered federal lobbyist in the early 1990’s.  She returned to Detroit for six years, but missed the east coast energy and easy winters, so she took a sabbatical from the company and attended the Mid- Career Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to strengthen her experience and enhance her credentials.  Soon after graduation, she received a buyout from the company and left for Washington on September 22, 2001.  Marva embraced the field of image management and studied with some of the premiere image consultants in the country. She is a certified image professional (CIP) and a certified personal brand strategist (CPBS).  Marva also received additional leadership training from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program.  “Since 2001, I have developed a set of skills and credentials in image and brand management that strategically aligns me with the work that “makes my heart sing!”  I look forward to helping you achieve your desired results in your career or your business.”  --Marva Goldsmith James Malinchak, featured on “The Secret Millionaire”, endorses Re-Branding After Age 50
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